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MISSHA Time Revolution Vitality Oil

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6 Plant Oils for Vitalizing & Moisturizing Effect
Contains 6 plant oils that nourish and provide vitality to the skin
Refreshing Yet Sufficient Texture
The non-sticky, refreshing oil texture absorbs quickly for smooth and glowing skin
Blending Synergy Oil
Blend with a serum or cream for intense moisturizing & to boost the vitality synergy effect

  • Brand: Missha
  • Type: Time Revolution
Recommended for :
- those wanting both moisturizing & vitality care
- those with extremely dry skin
- those who feel uncomfortable using heavy, sticky oils
After serum, gently apply to face avoiding the eye area.
Different Ways to Use the Vitality Oil for Different Effects
- Moisturizing Oil at the First Step
for those with extremely dry skin, use the oil at the first step in skincare regimen to deliver and lock in moisture
- For Instant Shine
pat onto tired skin anytime, anywhere to provide a natural glow effect
- Blending Synergy
mix with serum or cream for intense moisture and vitality care

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